6 December 2010

la table anna : reims, france.

we ate one of the best french meals i have ever had! 
oh my goodness. we had an amuse bouche, two starters, 
mid meal sorbet, our main plate, cheese, and dessert. 
we almost died after but it was SO good. 
we paid about 35 euros per person.
in paris it would have been easily 60.
this post is mainly for my dad who actually 
likes looking at food pics.

 we both had foie gras for our starter number one.
duck liver...oh so good! 
served with fig sorbet, sea salt, and fig jam.

seb's starter number two. 
a tomato salad and goat cheese sorbet!

my starter number two.
scallops topped with prosciutto
and a ravioli.

our beef came out on these
odd, tree-like skewers.
meat in france usually is terribly
tough compared to tx beef.
this was the best beef i have had in 
france. hands down.

pre dessert salad and cheese.

 im usually not a dessert girl but this sang to me.
pears soaked in hot wine in a pudding
and speculoos ice cream.

seb's tasty dessert.
i have never seen seb not finish a meal.
he was still complaining the next day
how sad he was to leave some
bites behind :) poor guy. 

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