6 December 2010

champagne weekend.

seb and i went to the champagne region this snowy
weekend and i LOVED it.  we visited reims which is the 
biggest city in the region. in reims we saw two beautiful
churches that were both around 1000 years old. after
that we sipped bubbly and explored two caves and ate some
INCREDIBLE food.  here are some highlights.

notre dame de reims et saint remi basilica:

pommery cave:

each brand is enclosed by beautiful fences
and a golden name. so chic those frenchies.

the caves  are 11 miles worth of champagne.

madame pommery had artists come in and do 
sculpture portraits in the rock. this one is probably 
45 feet long and 15 feet high.

we saw bottles from the 1860's. crazy!
before 1874 all champagnes were sweet.
madame pommery changed them to 
brut with her new conservation system.

demoiselle villa:

this cave was more of a visit inside this beautiful
restored art nouveau home.

i have become a huge
fan of art nouveau.

a post visit treat. 

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