31 December 2010


this christmas i received some great books.
here are my two favorites.

 this book is INCREDIBLE.
fleur wood is awesome.
her book is a fashion photography cookbook. 

the book is split up by party themes.
she tells you how to set the ambiance
by what to set up and what music to play.

each themed party has an incredible menu
and step by step recipes.

i love this idea!

a solstice fondue party.

BOOK #2.

sebs sister got this for me for Christmas.
i LOVE it.
everyday is a cute thing to 
do/try/eat/see in Paris.
apparently it is an iphone app fyi.

i love the illustrations.

where to find herb gardens in paris.

write an email for yourself
to read in ten years.

30 December 2010

christmas recap.

christmas was wonderful this year!
the frenchies invaded texas and we
had a great time celebrating together.
bro and sis cooking on the salt blocks.
guacamole champs.
the moms.
the chefs.
santa and his feast.
my cute gparents.

christmas champagne seb bought in france.


27 December 2010


i love lace.

26 December 2010

smiles from around the world.

asian smiles.
mexican smiles.
american smiles,
french smiles.

21 December 2010

cowboys game.

my g.ma hooked seb and i up for the cowboys vs redskins game.
we had a blast! 


 g.ma shootin the breeze with jj.

 sebs first bloody mary.

18 December 2010

my style icons of 2010.

Diane Kruger.

Olivia Palermo.

Gwyneth Paltrow.

i love everything about all these looks.
so perfect.

16 December 2010

texas bound!! yeehaw!

au revoir paris. hello tx!

my first parisian apartment.

i loved this little 11m^2 nook i called home. 

 the view from my window. the louvre. 
if you look at the tip top of the building...
the tiny top window on the left.
that was me. this is a picture i took inside the louvre.
i was always curious what art was just across from me.

the nativity scene is what was across from me.
i was born on christmas too! 
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