28 February 2011


i need a new good book. 
any ideas?

27 February 2011

iron & wine.

last week seb and i saw iron & wine.
seb and i accidently bought tickets to see ray lamontagne the same night.
it was a hard choice but i am glad we went to this show.
sam beam was one of the nicest performers i have seen.

tree by the river. 

china town.


last week my friend sadie and i ventured down to china town.
we shopped at a wonderful grocery called tang freres.
sadie and i both love cooking so it was fun to see all the great and different food.

awesome produce.


my loot. 13 euros. such a deal.

24 February 2011


i love zara.
and i love living in a city where they are all over.
spring wish list:


21 February 2011

fleetwood mac.


who doesnt love stevie nicks?
im so thankful my parents raised me listening to good tunes.
i have been on a fleetwood mac kick lately.

sleigh bells.

a week or so ago i saw sleigh bells with my friend amanda carolina.
it was one of the most fun, crazy, loud concerts i have been to in a while.
here is a clip of the most chill song of the evening.
the video i thought i took of my favorite song didnt make it on my camera :(

14 February 2011

happy valentines.

what are your plans?
im attempting to make a gourmet meal for my boo.
fois gras and champagne.
duck with a red wine orange sauce.
potato and carrot puree.
bananas foster.
wish me luck!
some of my dinner playlist:

9 February 2011

white out.

i love this!
so sleek.

7 February 2011

bocca della verita.

seb and i went on a date night here.
such a beautiful and romantic spot.
and the food... so good!




i love the image of sofia coppola.
via vogue.

5 February 2011


snowy arlington.
sent from my momma.

4 February 2011

3 February 2011

irish nachos.

this is the perfect super bowl snack!
as an ode to arlington tx...home to the 2011 super bowl and myself...
i made these last night!
J. Gilligan's is a great bar and grill in the heart of arlington
and they make these Irish nachos.
 potatoes. green onion. jalepenos. shallot. broccoli (because i had it) and cheddar!
cheddar is so hard to find here in paris.
 cut the potatoes in thin slices. 
boil the potatoes and broccoli for about a minute
 and then transfer them to ice cold water.
 blanching makes the broccoli so green. 
 put the potatoes in a baking dish and bake on high until they are crispy.
put on all the toppings and bake until the cheese melts.



i have been waiting for this!
AND they are coming to Paris! 

the first time i saw them was with my sis in denton tx.
they opened for blitzen trapper and there were ten people at the venue.
my sister and i had drinks with them after they played because 
they were surprised we were singing along and knew their songs.
the second time i saw them was in Paris.
and i met my boyfriend. 
i <3 fleet foxes. 

1 February 2011


love the lighting.
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