30 November 2010

winter playlist.


my FAVORITE winter french dish! nothing is better than 
meat, potatoes, and cheese on a cold winter night! 

heres what you need:
*potatoes are a must! i like to add some veggies.
 i had some green beans and pepper and also a shallot so
 i threw them in. also, cornichons are a great addition.

*the raclette cheese is what makes the dish! 
you can use whichever pork cuts you want.
 i chose ham, prosciutto, and saucisson (my favorite). 

in order to make this tasty meal you need a raclette machine:

*the top part is for grilling the veggies and meat
and the bottom is for melting the cheese in 
the little pans. the only thing you need 
to prepare beforehand is to boil the 
potatoes for about thirty minutes. the rest  is
done with this great little machine.

*raclette should be served with a crisp 
white. an alsacian pinot blanc is great!

dinner time!

29 November 2010

paris christmas market.

ho ho ho. today was a fabulous day spent with some great gals on the 
champs elysee. paris is known for their markets and this was a great one! 
we spent our afternoon sipping vin chaud (mulled wine) and 
browsing little Christmas huts filled with all kinds of goodies
lining the street all the way down to place de la concorde.  
such a great afternoon despite the wintry weather.

 *look at the size of this tartiflette!

*amanda enjoying her wine

*being touristy.  if you look
all the way down the street...
right of suz's eskimo hood...
you can see the arc de triomphe.

*cute little dolls.

*my first time to try russian 
caviar. it was great with 
our russian vodka :)

*nothing seems more Christmasy 
than cute polar bears and a 
bottle of grand marnier?

so happy Christmas cheer 
has begun :)

27 November 2010

turkey day.

thanksgiving this year was great! i spent most of the day cooking green bean casserole in a tiny kitchen and converting measurements. i am happy i got to talk to my family on video chat. my dad and i made our green bean casseroles together...only a small ocean apart. i am thankful that i was invited to a feast chez louis with friends and coworkers. it was a blast! and everybody made wonderful food! hope you had a happy turkey day too!

23 November 2010


mid november in france means that the new
beaujolais wines are released.  the first day
they are out is a very popular night to go out
and taste the new wines from that region to 
see if it is a good year for beaujolais. i have 
purchased two bottles this week and have tried
them with seb. i think i like the labels more
than i like the wine...i guess i will have to
try out some more :)


so my friend emma...who i met while working
for ftbt in paris...has been knitting like a mad 
lady! check out her website and all the cute
creations she makes. perfect for christmas.
yay emma! 


some of my favorite london pics ive taken.

here is my list of things to do:


*the last time i went i discovered the
bourough street market. a MUST see!
it is interesting for everyone but if you love
looking at food as much as i do you
will be in foodie heaven.
try some sangria! cheers!


*such a cool museum.  in an old factory
just next to the new millennium bridge.


*i loved this museum! such a crazy array
of portraits of england's royalty, celebrities,
and more. there is everything  from the tudor
family to kate moss.


*sigh...this is probably at the top of my list.
i remember the first time i went my
heart almost stopped. i think it is my
favorite store that i can actual afford
to shop at.



*one thing i noticed in london town is that most
bars close relatively early.  seb and i saw the
lion king and stumbled into this awesome bar/
restaurant in covent garden. they have great
drinks, they are opened late,  and i LOVED
the decor.

22 November 2010

lanvin for h&m.



i think i will swing by h&m today to check this out!

21 November 2010

20 November 2010

sur un arbre perché.

such a cute little restaurant in the 2e arrondissement.
i felt as though i was in a little bird nest enjoying tasty food.
some of the seats are literal tree swings tied to faux limbs.
another plus is they offer shiatsu massages after dinner.
i have yet to try that but it is something different :)
the dishes are creatively plated and the food is delicious. 
bon appetit! 

 fois gras...yummy!

hunger games.

you gotta get get these books! 
suzanne collins is blowin my mind with the hunger games.
so addicting and such an interesting plot.

i hear they are in casting right now for the films!

bling bling.

lara melchoir is an incredible jewelry designer.
i am dreaming or seeing one of her
 beautiful creations on my finger.


i love me some gold rings :).
and i love how they all have a little story.

 my favorite is my little nest.

19 November 2010

hemingway bar.

the bar of all bars.
the hemingway bar at the ritz in paris is the 
ultimate cocktail extravaganza. 
the bar was named after hemingway because
it is where he passed many hours drinking
during his time in paris.
i have been a couple of times and it is a 
one drink stop because of the high price.
but the price is worth the ambiance, an incredible 
drink, some tasty nibbles and a flower :)

my cute sista.

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