27 January 2011

26 January 2011

au nom de la rose.

a gift from my boo.
a great flower shop in paris.


chanel couture paris.
love the simple color palette with just the right amount of sparkle sparkle.

24 January 2011

happy monday funday.


here are some tunes to get ya through the week.
this is a rather cheery post..seeing as it is monday and it is rainy here in paris.

23 January 2011

fire show.

this weekend we went with a bunch of friends to see a fire show.
yup...just hippies drinkin lighter fluid and breathin fire.
pretty awesome. 

oui oui.

alexander mcqueen prefall 2011.
lovin these military looks. 

21 January 2011

feeling nostalgic.

i looked through all of my old photos on my computer today.
it made me miss college and my girlfriends that are scattered now.

love at first sight.

i went to galleries lafayette the other day.
as i browsed with the masses ... i spotted something beautiful.
i have not had a new purse in two years and this bag caught my eye.
i love it. its perfect. see by chloe.

 little bow :)

20 January 2011

ooh la la.


love these photos of olivia p.
via vogue espana.

19 January 2011


my second attempt to make a little video.
music: mother and child reunion (paul simon cover)
by the morning benders.

18 January 2011


how pretty are these photos?
marie claire january 2011.

tunes as of lately.

some new. some not.
these are my go to songs the past few days.

17 January 2011

golden globes.


i just watched the golden globes from last night.
i love watching to see all the dresses :)
i loved all of these above.
victor&rolf. vera wang.
atelier versace. elie saab.


these were my two favorites.
work it girls.
burberry. armani prive.

lazy monday.


14 January 2011


i saw tennis the other night.
great concert. great venue. great friends and fun.
the lead singer might be the cutest girl i have ever seen.
i think she weighs 70 lbs. and is four feet tall.

13 January 2011

11 January 2011

je t'aime.

i made this today.
i wish i had more video of seb.
shots from phoenix, beach house, normandy, paris, arlingfun tx, etc.

10 January 2011


lovin' those black and white shoes.
found here

yum yum.

this is one of my favorite appetizers
i found in one of my french cookbooks.
all you need are some grapes, some crushed pistachios,
goat cheese and heavy cream.
mix some cream with the goat cheese so it becomes softer.
take a grape and cover it in the goat cheese/cream mixture and then
roll it in the crushed up pistachios...and voila! 
so simple and so delicious.

my favorite boys.

i forgot to post this with my christmas pics.
this one makes me smile.
all the boys got rudolph noses from santa this year.

9 January 2011

happy kitty.

just got tix to see iron and wine and tennis!
yay yay yay!

i love the new tennis album :)


7 January 2011


a friend asked me to make him a cd of my favorite songs.
i went to my itunes and looked at my top 20 tracks.
i realized i really like chill music.

6 January 2011


i FINALLY saw sophia c's new film by myself today. kinda nice after my whirlwind of a holiday. i love everything she touches.  it was good and a fresh approach. all in all i wouldnt say it is my favorite film from her...'Somewhere' is quite minimal musically, in dialogue, and in aesthetics compared to her other films...but the plot is great. usually i love what music and how much she incorporates into her films. 'Somewhere' is a bit different because she focuses on the sounds of everyday life...cars, planes, birds, etc...quite beautiful. the only two songs that are prevalent in the movie are 'Love Like a Sunset' by Phoenix and 'I'll Try Anything Once' by the Strokes. 'I'll Try Anything Once'..('you only live once' demo) is one of my top favorite songs. after i saw the movie today, i took a long walk into the tuileries gardens and listened to that song on repeat.  the first line is "ten decisions shape your life...you'll be aware of five about" i love thinking about the chain of events and decisions that led me to Paris. anyways...go see the movie and listen to this song.

singin in the rain.

i have recently become a huge glee fan!
LOVE this! and gwyneth.

5 January 2011


i dreamt all of 2010 about going to shanghai.
i want to make it a priority this year to visit china.
i am so intrigued by the food, architecture, and fashion.
im crossing my fingers :)

photos found here

4 January 2011

yes. yes. yes.

this makes my life.

jet lagged.

i woke up at 3.30 am in paris and 
have been munching on jellybelly cocktails.
ie. 2 very cherry + 1 chocolate pudding = chocolate cherry delight 


i have discovered how amazing boutiques.com is!
it is a new site powered by google.
you create an account with your personal style prefs
and it creates a profile for you and daily updates with 
shoes, accessories, bags, and clothing in all price ranges.
it is rather addicting. 

here are some of my favorites i saw this morning

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