6 January 2011


i FINALLY saw sophia c's new film by myself today. kinda nice after my whirlwind of a holiday. i love everything she touches.  it was good and a fresh approach. all in all i wouldnt say it is my favorite film from her...'Somewhere' is quite minimal musically, in dialogue, and in aesthetics compared to her other films...but the plot is great. usually i love what music and how much she incorporates into her films. 'Somewhere' is a bit different because she focuses on the sounds of everyday life...cars, planes, birds, etc...quite beautiful. the only two songs that are prevalent in the movie are 'Love Like a Sunset' by Phoenix and 'I'll Try Anything Once' by the Strokes. 'I'll Try Anything Once'..('you only live once' demo) is one of my top favorite songs. after i saw the movie today, i took a long walk into the tuileries gardens and listened to that song on repeat.  the first line is "ten decisions shape your life...you'll be aware of five about" i love thinking about the chain of events and decisions that led me to Paris. anyways...go see the movie and listen to this song.

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