30 November 2010


my FAVORITE winter french dish! nothing is better than 
meat, potatoes, and cheese on a cold winter night! 

heres what you need:
*potatoes are a must! i like to add some veggies.
 i had some green beans and pepper and also a shallot so
 i threw them in. also, cornichons are a great addition.

*the raclette cheese is what makes the dish! 
you can use whichever pork cuts you want.
 i chose ham, prosciutto, and saucisson (my favorite). 

in order to make this tasty meal you need a raclette machine:

*the top part is for grilling the veggies and meat
and the bottom is for melting the cheese in 
the little pans. the only thing you need 
to prepare beforehand is to boil the 
potatoes for about thirty minutes. the rest  is
done with this great little machine.

*raclette should be served with a crisp 
white. an alsacian pinot blanc is great!

dinner time!

1 comment:

  1. My mouth is WATERING...thats my favorite French dish too! :) I want a raclette machine HERE! I love reading your blog...and it makes me so excited for next year. ;)


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